The Songs For Us Pt. 2

by Tired Guys

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These songs are for us again


released December 20, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Nathan Munizzi and Ben Gomez



all rights reserved


Tired Guys Orlando, Florida

Indie Rock Boys livin the Indie Rock Dream in the great state of Florida. We love everybody and want to rock the world with our tasty delights

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Track Name: Tribal Council
I wanna be in Chicago
Sleeping with eyes on a colder sky
Said I would be there tomorrow
Don't look like you're really that surprised
I loved your city long ago
Think that I might be saying goodbye
Just look for me in the shadow
Singing along with a look in my eyes

This is a tough pill to swallow
Saying goodbye never hurt so much
Don't let it end up in sorrow
We know I always was called to the rush
Funny that I'm really going
Somewhere I said I would never go back
Guess I'll be gone in the morning
You know you can always follow my track
Track Name: Find Me
Find me
You know where to find me
Always right where you put me
Not much going on ever
Not up to much of anything
How about that?
How about that?

Find me
Don't you act like you can't find me
Always right where you left me
Not much going on not ever
I'm not doing much of anything
Track Name: B Sum1
Who are we now?
(I'm innocent)
Who's calling the shots?
(Not me)
I should walk away

I know you want me to
Be someone
I could be
See me as
Want me to
Be someone
I could be

Don't you wish I wasn't where I am?
I could switch it so you'll understand
But I'm the same so call it what it is
Track Name: Vape is Life
Wherever I go
The change will be slow
Here you won't find another
But if the day comes
And I'm not where I'm from
Can I still call you brother?

It won't be the same
But no one's to blame
Everything shifts so easy
So pack it all in
I think it's the end
Soon you'll find you're not dreaming

It's so hard to
Keep my distance
But this call is
So insistant

The truth can tear
I have to go
But I'm so scared
Of being alone

I'm already gone
But still holding on
'Till all of the ties start breaking